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Hot bag
  • Hot bag

Hot bag

Rs. 300
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The hot water bottles are one of the most useful items, by relieving pain and providing comfort and warmth. These bottles can be used instead of heating pads and alleviate all types of pains including muscular pains and menstrual cramps. Used as a natural body warmer and also for heat therapy treatment. Useful in case of joint pains, muscular cramps, menstrual pains, muscle pull, stomach and back aches, arthritic and rheumatic pains, bed warmer, sports aches and pains. Colour: red and green (as per available send). Hot water Bag Helps to - Used for heat therapy treatment - Instantly relieves joint pains, muscular cramps, menstrual pains, stomach and back aches - Treats muscular pain, induces relaxation, releases stress - Relieve joint pain - Relieve back aches

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