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Portable juicer
  • Portable juicer

Portable juicer

Rs. 1200
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1.High quality environmentally friendly PC material, no PBA, no water leakage.
2.Built-in powerful motor, high extrusion speed 20001 rev / min -22000 rev / min, so that the juice is completed in 1 minute, drinking daily is good for your health.
2.The cup can withstand high temperatures up to 40 ° and holds a capacity of 400 ml. Not only can you make protein shakes, but you can also mix a variety of fruits and vegetables.
3.USB charging; built-in micro USB slot, built-in 2200mAh battery (included), can be charged by USB device.
4.Easy to clean, detachable juicer design, the juicer cup body and the bottom of the cup are separated, and can be easily cleaned with a sponge brush.
5.Small size, easy to carry, suitable for outdoor activities, such as tourism, camping and so on.

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