Himlaya anti dandruff hair cream
  • Himlaya anti dandruff hair cream

Himlaya anti dandruff hair cream

by Himalaya   
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Dandruff can be an embarrassing problem for many people. With Himalaya’s anti-dandruff hair cream, you can keep dandruff and all the problems related to it at bay.

Gently and Effectively Removes Dandruff

Safe to use, this cream is gentle on your hair and scalp and removes dandruff effectively.

Soothes An Itchy and Flaky Scalp

Application of this cream provides a cooling and soothing effect to your scalp and prevents flakes.

Strengthen The Hair Shaft

Anti-Dandruff Hair Cream strengthens the hair shaft and makes your hair thick.

Controls Hair Fall

This hair cream controls hair fall and adds lustre to your hair.

Hair Nourished and Moisturized

Keep your hair nourished and moisturized as this hair oil comes with all the richness of nature.

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